Interview: Maria Cristina Bellucci and her coloured-pencil jewellery

Who'd Have Thought?

Maria Cristina Bellucci coloured pencil jewellery

A beautiful melding of art, costume and functionality are all at work here with this range of jewellery by Rome-based, Maria Cristina Bellucci.

But what I think is most astounding is that they are all made from coloured pencils. Yep. Coloured pencils. How amazing are they?

Having studied stage design at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts and jewellery art techniques at the San Giacomo School of Ornamental Arts in Rome; taken a microflaming masterclass with Master Giovanni Corvaja at Le Arti Orafe in Lucca and an Intensive course, Alchimia in Florence, Maria’s creative background is as varied as the many exhibitions in which she has featured.

Intrigued, I wanted to find out more. Here she tells me how she started and what inspires her. And a big thanks to Maria for answering in English! (I’ve done only minor edits to keep her voice true).

Tell me about your background –…

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